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1)  What kind of relationship do you have with God?

2)  What kind of relationship does He have with you?

3)  How do these affect your relationship with others?

In the beginning God created man on earth as He is in heaven [Genesis 1: 26], man having dominion over the earth as God does in heaven. We lost dominion when man chose the things of this world [Genesis 3: 3], to serve ourselves rather than to obey God. Though we might not willingly disobey God, the problem is we don't know God as we should. We don't know Him as our Father and best friend, as one whom we can trust to be with us in everything we are and do. Adam knew Him as one to fellowship with. Abraham knew Him as one to worship. David knew Him as one he could trust. Paul knew Him as the savior of his soul. Today, man knows Him as one to call when things are going wrong.

God created man to be more than just an earthly creature. In fact, the Lord made no plans for man to be controlled by anything of this world, but rather plans for man to control everything of this world [Genesis 1: 28]. For us to have dominion and control, we must have a relationship with God as Adam had in the beginning. Jesus was crucified to restore this relationship. It is through Him that we have access to the Father.

Let's examine our fallen - then - restored state. Do we have a personal relationship with our God? Can we say: He is our friend? One who directs every decision we make? Do we even know how to ask Him to be our friend and to direct our lives? Think of how much better we would be today if Adam had asked God about the fruit before he took it from Eve. Can you imagine what it would be like to know everything before it happens? Through a strong relationship with The Lord Jesus, you can know [Jeremiah 33: 3].

Let us ask ourselves if this is the kind of relationship God wants with us? If we are ever going to be men of any value to God, He must be able to trust us in everything He tells us to do. For this to happen we must develop in our hearts the knowledge and understanding that God is for us. It is His will that we, His children, have the Godly ability to serve and please Him. We can do this through His Son Jesus Christ only. He has made a way to the Heavenly Father for us. It is through Jesus that God, The Father, has His way in our lives. The Father desires that we be in relationship with Him as Jesus was while He was on the earth in body form. This is what God wants for us: John 14:16 - 20, He wants a relationship from the heart, one that will not waver at anything He says. When we come to the knowledge that everything is under His control and surrender the results to Him, we will be men of significant value to God.

In that holy, heart relationship with God, The Father, teaches our hearts [not our intellect, mind, flesh, but our hearts] who He is and who we are. Who we are, not just generally [saved, sanctified, etc], but specifically. What the specific call on our life is. What our destiny is. What great thing He wants to do in His Kingdom through each of us individually. What His plan to make us Men of Significance is. Is that how God knows you? As a man He can trust to hear His plan for your life and to surrender to His plan? That is how He wants to know you ! He wants to know that He can trust you to allow Him to make you significant in His Kingdom !

How does our strong, holy relationship with God affect others? Can you say to a lost and dying world, "Look on me; I have the answer to your every need in life." as Peter did [Acts 3: 6] ? Paul knew that his relationship with the Father was to do the Father's will in reaching the gentiles for Christ. It was this desire, put in his heart by God, that drove Paul to live to serve the gentiles. God used both of these men in a great way to serve the Church and to build His Kingdom. I pray that we will become men that God knows as Men of Significance.

-Joe Faircloth, Burning Bush Ministries International

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