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They Said:

Inside of every man there is a God-shaped vacuum that only god can fill.
    - Pascal

I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the marketplace.
    - Billy Graham

A vocation from God was no longer limited to the clergy or church, but applied to any occupation or trade.
    - Martin Luther

God is at work in all realms of existence, whether secular or sacred. The plan of God is worked out in every event. It is an all-encompassing pattern of life that, in principle, applies to any mundane task just as it also applies to taking communion.
    - John Calvin

The glory of God is man fully alive!
    - John Eldredge
      (Author of Wild at Heart)

God has uniquely prepared us with gifts we are to use in our vocation. Interest and aptitude in business were given by God to glorify Him and fulfillment in the workplace.
    - Kent & Davidene Humphreys
      (Authors of Show and then Tell)


  • Seeking significance?

    We join you in that search!

  • Want to make a permanent impact on the world?

    We join you in that search, in that desire!

We invite you to come meet other men on the same journey. You will be inspired and will enjoy the company of other driven business men, desiring significance.

You can't join anything and there are no dues or fees.

Just affirmation, inspiration and challenge!

At some point in each successful man's life, his drive shifts from seeking success to seeking significance. That drive, desire for significance (hole), in the heart of a man can only be filled completely by the One who gave the man the drive and desire, the One who made the heart and the man: the Lord God Almighty.

Jesus/Body of Christ changed/is changing the world, saving, healing, delivering, providing supernaturally. Jesus needs driven, decisive, brave, businessmen.


You want your life to be significant. No matter what you do without Jesus, it will be less significant than with Jesus.


Most of us try to write and create our story. We are the center of the story. But the greatest story ever told is how God relates to and changes the world through Jesus. The story is still being told (unfolding). Jesus is inviting you to become a part of His story. A powerful, driven, achiever for Him in His story.

He made you for a specific part (role) in His story. That part (role) in His story for which He made you is bigger than anything you can or will do on your own within your story. A bit role in Jesus' story of provision for the world is larger than the whole of anyone's story without Jesus. But yours is no bit role; your role is an important, essential role and no one else can fill your role. You were created uniquely for that role in His play.

Not only are you important, essential and uniquely fitted for this role, you will never be satisfied anywhere else. Your significance, in this life, is your unique role in Jesus' story of provision for the world. You are a uniquely shaped, designed, fitted piece to complete the puzzle picture of God's plan for mankind. Conversely, that piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of God's plan for mankind completes the picture of your heart. It fills that hole in you that no achievement in your story, no matter how great, can fill. That craving for significance, that has driven you, is satisfied in Jesus' plan for the world. Jesus put the craving, the desire, and the drive in your heart and only He can satisfy it.

You will never be truly significant in your story, but you are immediately, always significant in His story.

Marketplace Ministry

There are several excellent well-established global Marketplace Ministries that have been helpful as we established Men of Significance. They have excellent programs and resources. Some have local meetings and other activities in the Triangle. We recommend your involvement in these ministries as the Lord leads you. Links to these are in the left and right panels and in the "Meetings" page of this web site.

Men of Significance is not intended to be a substitute for nor competition to these ministries. Men of Significance does not focus on Christian business ethics, pasturing your business nor guiding/managing your business, though these are very important.

The focus and purpose of Men of Significance is to help you come to the realization that you are called by God in your business and to facilitate God's transformation of your heart so He can use you and your business for His Glory and to build His Kingdom.

Read More:

Anointed For Business:

Being in business for the glory of God adds the most sublime purpose to your occupation. Do not let your occupation block your destiny; instead, allow your destiny to shape your business by turning it into your ministry. From Anointed For Business by Ed Silvoso

Desire to Destiny:

The marriage of personal dreams with God's purpose launches an adventure more exciting and fulfilling than we ever imagined. The revelation to connect our personal life with God's plan to take the gospel to the ends of the earth and bless the nations is the journey of a lifetime. From Preface of Desire to Destiny by John S. Garfield


God is passionately interested and invested in human affairs and He cares for what you do as much as He cares for you. What will you do with the rest of your life? From the cover of Transformation: Change the Marketplace and You Change the World by Ed Silvoso

Day of the Saints:

Our life is His work and our work is to demonstrate His life in our worship, way of living, and the excellent manner in which we do our professional work. Work done in such a way that it glorifies God is just as spiritual to God as the things we do inside a local church. The criteria are whether it is biblically approved and whether it glorifies God and causes others to glorify God. From The Day of the Saints by Dr. Bill Hamon.

Releasing Kings:

Finding purpose is the hallmark of motivation in vocational and spiritual life. Personal destiny is captivating, empowering, and releasing. We've used "Kings" to refer to this dynamic. There is an entrepreneurial, conquering, creative, and contagious aspect of Christianity that is sweeping over the Body of Christ. From Preface of Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace by John S. Garfield & Harold R. Eberle