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Focus & Significant Purpose

The focus and purpose of Men of Significance is to help you come to the realization that you are called by God in your business and to facilitate God's transformation of your heart so He can use you and your business for His Glory in the building of His Kingdom.

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Seeking Significance

At some point in each successful man's life, his drive shifts from seeking success to seeking significance. That drive, desire for significance (hole), in the heart of a man can only be filled completely by the One who gave the man the drive and desire, the One who made the heart and the man: the Lord God Almighty.

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From a series of monthly meetings, a group of businessmen led by the Holy Spirit developed for you, Mr. Businessman, video messages and print messages (find below). We sincerely pray that you are blessed, inspired, and strengthened by these as we were in their receipt from the Lord and in their preparation for you.

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Business by God's Favor, for God's Glory!

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(Genesis: Chapters 37, 39 - 45)

When Joseph was 17 years old, God showed him in dreams that he would become a king and that his brothers, and even his mother and father, would bow down to him. Prideful, he told his family of the dreams. In anger and resentment, his brothers sold him into slavery. Slavery was the beginning of God's preparation of Joseph's heart to serve as the king He envisioned him being.


1)  What kind of relationship do you have with God?

2)  What kind of relationship does He have with you?

3)  How do these affect your relationship with others?

In the beginning God created man on earth as He is in heaven [Genesis 1: 26], man having dominion over the earth as God does in heaven. We lost dominion when man chose the things of this world [Genesis 3: 3], to serve ourselves rather than to obey God. Though we might not willingly disobey God, the problem is we don't know God as we should. We don't know Him as our Father and best friend, as one whom we can trust to be with us in everything we are and do. Adam knew Him as one to fellowship with. Abraham knew Him as one to worship. David knew Him as one he could trust. Paul knew Him as the savior of his soul.


"The Creation of Value through Vision and Commitment"

Several years ago when it became fashionable for businesses to have official mission statements, God gave me this mission statement for our original company. More recently as I studied Marketplace Ministry, He has revealed that this is a good mission statement for any Christian business, Christian businessman or Christian employee. Further, He revealed that as a businessman, your business or job is your ministry. You, businessman, are called into ministry. The call on your life is no less than the call on a pastor's life ... different than a pastor's call, but not less than. You are called into business to "create value through vision and commitment".


Allow God to Use Your "Boat"

Traditionally, we have been taught that Peter, when called by Jesus, left his fishing business and his responsibility to his family and his business partners and employees to follow Jesus. Now, based on evidence revealed by close examination of the scripture and the teaching of the Holy Spirit, many are suggesting that it is more likely that Peter continued to manage his business. We believe that Peter continued to manage the fishing business while serving with Jesus. Additionally, we believe that Jesus was involved in Peter's business, yielding miraculous provision for the business, Peter's family and the citizens of Galilee.

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Quotes From Others

"Inside of every man there is a God-shaped vacuum that only god can fill."


—  Pascal

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